Google Street View | Trusted F.A.Q.

Google Street View FAQ

Is Google Street View | Trusted same as SEO?

NO. Google Street View | Trusted is NOT SEO. It's the combined exposure of your business on Google Search, Google Maps, Google+ Local Business, and other Google properties that will give your business better placement in search results. In short, if you use Google like Google wants you to use Google, then you will get better search ranking.

What is Google Street View?

Google has created Street View | Trusted program using the same “street view technology” that users have become accustomed to using. These tours capture multiple 360-degree panoramic photo shots inside and outside of your business to give your customers a better sense of what to expect when coming to your physical location. This technology brings your business to life online, and will help to entice more potential customers.

How will Google Street View | Trusted Virtual Tour going to help my business?

The Virtual Tour will tie together Google Search, Google Maps and Google+ Local Business pages. This combined exposure will enhance your business profile and will lead local searchers to your business. With millions of searches done daily, weekly, monthly, just by having your tour on these sites, your business will have better online exposure than your competitors.

Where will Google Street View | Trusted tours and photos be viewable online?

Street View photos and walkthrough tours appear in Google Search, Google Maps, and Google+ Local Business, but you can also easily embed Street View tours on your own website or Facebook Page! When potential customers search for your business by name on Google, they will see the images displayed directly on the search page results. By linking Google Search, Google Maps, Google+, Google Places, and other Google properties will give your business better placement in search results.

How many tours do I need?

That will depend on the size of your business and what you want to show. All virtual tours are spaced 10 - 15 feet apart and must interconnect with at least one.

How long does the photo shoot take?

Typically most business shoots take 1-2 hours for the virtual tour and photographs.

Who owns the virtual tour and photographs?

You, the business owner, will own the business photos after the photo shoot and when your payment has been received in full. We will provide to you the Google Maps Street View Photography Service Agreement. Signing this agreement licenses Google the use of your business photos. Using this license, Google will publish your business virtual tour and photographs throughout its network.

How long does it take to publish the virtual tour?

It will take about a week for your Virtual Tour and photographs to appear on the various Google properties such as Google Search, Google+ Local Business and Google Maps. We will notify you via email the day they are live!

Won't my business look more alive with customers?

We understand your concerns about your business looking alive in the photos and virtual tours, but please be assured your tour will look more professional with the absence of people. Remember we are focusing on your business and want to present it in the best way possible. Due to Google's legal and privacy policies we blur all the faces in virtual tours and do not include anyone in the photographs.

What do I need to do to prepare for the photo shoot?

You are welcome to clean and tidy things up prior to the photography session, but remember that the aim of the photographs is to show customers what they would expect to see if they visited your business on a normal day. This would be a great time to showcase a display for products or services.

What happens after the photo shoot is complete?

We will upload your photos to Google servers. The photos will then be processed through Google's propriety photo processing pipeline, which involves some manual editing by the photographer, and some automatic server processes. It will take about a week for your Virtual Tour and photos to appear on the various Google properties such as Google Search, Google Maps, and Google+ Local Business. We will notify you via email the day they are live.

How do I get Started BV

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